From The Desire To A Basic Need, Luxury Housing Has Come A Long Way!

There was a time when luxury housing was considered a frivolous expense made only by the rich who could afford it. The average man had no option but to regard luxury housing as a desire for a better future. However, in the past decade luxury houses have become the basic need of every average man.
Now, most people invest in a luxurious second or third property. There are many reasons why the public opinion of luxury houses has changed. Let’s look at the top four reasons why opinions have changed.

Four reasons luxury houses have become more popular

1. They radiate status
In a basic apartment, most homeowners get rooms and white-washed walls. They have to furnish the house themselves and this often requires hiring interior designers to do the job. On the other hand, luxury houses come with well-planned designs. The tiling, floors, countertops and space is utilized in a much more efficient manner. At the end of the day, these well-designed properties radiate status better than anything else.

2. They provide better amenities
A normal apartment building comes with a parking space, a play area for children and a small walkway. However, luxury apartments provide much more unique and better amenities. Popular luxury properties like Eutopia by T&T Group provide ultra-luxurious amenities like:

• Aromatherapy rooms
• Spas and massage centres
• Anti-pollution and anti-noise zones
• Immune-boosting vegetation parks
• Pollution control areas

These amenities mean a standard apartment building can’t compete with luxury housing anymore.

3. They are an investment
The price of a luxury apartment increases faster than that of any other housing type, style or design. Luxury properties are in high demand and those that have invested in luxury properties can profit greatly in the long run. What’s more, one doesn’t even need to go too far for such properties. Developers in developing locations like Siddharth Vihar, Indirapuram, and Ghaziabad are coming up with innovative luxury spaces. This investment is an excellent option for the future. While the property isn’t as liquid as other assets, it is a lot more secure. There is a lower risk and you can rent out the luxury property to generate a second income.

4. Security and technology are better
We live in a digital age, and this means our properties and apartments should be just as advanced as our smartphones. The current technological options provided in the luxury apartment can’t be installed in any other apartment without incurring high expenses. Furthermore, the excellent security provided in these properties means families are more inclined to purchase them. They can help avoid robberies, accidents, and keep assets and people safe.

These are the top four reasons why luxury housing has become a primary option for various Indians. If you’re looking to buy a luxury property, you can expect a high comfort level and excellent amenities. While this depends on the location and builder, most luxury properties provide excellent amenities for residents free of cost or at a minimal maintenance charge.  

Luxury Housing Meets Intelligence: The New Way to Live

Intelligent and luxury apartments are the new market favourites. The fame of traditional apartments is being replaced by that of luxury apartments. However, as these become more popular, new and advanced features and amenities are being integrated into properties. In this article, we’ll discuss the top technologies and features being integrated into apartments.

Top Features

1. Thematic parks and gardens
Parks and gardens have been included on apartment premises for centuries. However, the recent trend includes creating thematic gardens and parks. Themes can vary from one park to another. Some are created as anti-pollution zones, some are created as aromatherapy, immune-boosting, botanical or even herbal gardens. Developers like T&T Group are bringing such concepts to developing locations like Siddharth Vihar, making them accessible to more and more people around Delhi NCR and Ghaziabad.

2. Smart home features
Who doesn’t want Siri in their pocket? However, luxury apartments take these features to the next level. Smart home features like climate control, ambience control, window control and smart temperature controls have become increasingly popular with projects like T-Homes and Eutopia by T&T Group in locations like Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad. These often come with the property and don’t require any work from the buyer.

3. Security features
Security features are a must in all apartments. Luxury apartments provide their owners access to unique, top-of-the-line security systems that come integrated with the apartment. They include the simple door and window lock but can go as far as including motion detectors, CCTVs and lasers. Many builders also provide customizing options for their clientele.

4. Spas and meditation
As the importance of mental health increases and more people acknowledge the need for a short ‘break’, builders like T&T are coming up with spas, meditation rooms and therapy rooms on the property with projects like Eutopia. These are often provided in a clubhouse or on a separate level. They are accessible to all residents and are equipped with staff and all other amenities.

5. Pet-friendly areas
Pet-friendly areas, parks and rooftop areas are being introduced to various apartment buildings. These provide a two-fold advantage to the residents. Firstly, they can socialize with other residents organically and without requiring any effort on their part. Secondly, they don’t have to travel or leave premises to walk their pets or give them fresh air.

6. WIFI-included apartments
Wifi is the basic requirement of any property - regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. This has allowed builders to tap into a unique market. Luxury apartments now come with Wi-Fi that is included in the package. While you’re expected to pay for the monthly bills, the wiring and setup are already done for you. These are cleverly hidden so they don’t disrupt the decor of the property.

These are the top six amenities that are currently defined under ‘intelligent way of living'. Luxury apartment owners may pick and choose which amenity they want to provide their clientele. However, this list gives you a general idea of what to expect when you look at luxury apartments like those created by T&T.

Siddharth Vihar: The Fastest Growing Destination For Urban Housing Industry

The COVID-19 crisis has affected all sectors of Indian society. Real estate, too, was hit by the pandemic. The industry was on a developing curve when its growth slowed down. However, developers like the T&T group stood apart from other peers in this respect. The growth of real estate has been impressive for Siddharth Vihar in Ghaziabad. It has quickly become the fastest-growing destination for urban housing in Delhi. In a time where other businesses suffered insurmountable losses, this growth has been commendable.

With exciting projects, real estate developers like T&T group have always been trend-setters for the industry in the region. T&T Group brought two of the most innovative projects to Siddharth Vihar in recent years.  At first, T Homes, and now, Eutopia. Both projects can boast of modern and luxurious homes. They have made Siddharth Vihar a fast-growing area in Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR.

T Homes 
Technology is shaping every part of our lives. Then why should our homes remain untouched? This idea is the backbone behind T Homes, which introduced digital living to India. Futuristic homes became a reality. With T-Homes, living becomes simple, seamless, digitized, and smooth. Controllable lighting, climate control, smart fittings, and devices - all of these features combine to bring you the best, most luxurious living possible at affordable prices. T Homes take care of you, instead of the other way around.

Now, the newest project that T&T Group brings to Siddharth Vihar is Eutopia. This project is centered around wellness. The lives of residents in areas like Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR are very hectic and difficult. With the COVID-19 crisis, everyone has realized that health is wealth. Eutopia provides rejuvenation, relaxation, and rest through its therapeutic facilities. As its name suggests, it is the perfect haven to unwind at the end of a stressful day. At Eutopia, you can unplug and restore yourself. Joyful, restful living is what this project aims to bring. With ayurvedic spas, medicinal plants and pollution control units, Eutopia offers you a niche of nature in the bustle of the city.

T&T Group's modern approach towards creating a joyful, smart living for its consumers has led to the immense growth of the Siddharth Vihar area. In a time when real estate is floundering, the group not only kept the existing consumer base but also expanded sales. Even now, they continue to take risks and venture into new territories, one-upping themselves consistently. It is this risk-taking attitude that keeps the real estate industry in Siddharth Vihar growing. This makes it the fastest-growing destination, and the most wanted choice for urban living in the Ghaziabad and Delhi NCR area.  

The Fortunate Advent of Wellness Housing in Delhi NCR As the Public Health Situation in the Region Worsens

Luxury Apartments in major Delhi NCR cities like Ghaziabad that offer less congested and natural living are becoming increasingly popular as the new-age generation prefers living spaces that add value to their way of life.   Following the coronavirus pandemic, people have started to recognize the importance of wellness or therapeutic housing and are willing to live in houses that not only ensure a convenient lifestyle but adapt to their growing mental and physical health needs.   Our everyday activities and lifestyles are directly influenced by our homes, towns, and surrounding environment, which combined account for 80–90% of our health outcomes, which is why most people think that it's time to start treating our homes as more than just luxury apartments and condos and see them as a place to invest in our overall wellbeing.   The ability of wellness housing to promote a lifestyle that not only enhances one’s physical health but also their mental and emotional health may be one of its greatest assets. In projects like Eutopia (T&T Group), which is India’s first ever Urban Therapeutic Housing project, the developer will bring in recuperative body therapies to restore health, hundreds of medicinal plants to enhance immunity, and pollution control units for low AQI, to protect the residents against contaminants, free radicals, and other common health issues. Such initiatives, then, lead us to the following essential principles of wellness housing:  

  • From "no harm" to "health optimisation": One must construct homes that actively assist in bringing health amenities and wellbeing, rather than simply reacting to "sick buildings."
  • From "I" to "We": Raise awareness that our health and wellbeing are inextricably tied to our larger environment and the people we interact with.
  • Begin with the hard infrastructure: It's time to grow and consider how you can reduce your carbon imprint on the earth. Incorporating biophilic components into home designs is also important considering the depleting conditions of people's overall health.
  Benefits of wellness-oriented housing   Wellness housing that is holistically and purposefully developed and operated can have a variety of good effects:  
  • Reduce harmful material exposure, improve sleep, decrease stress, and encourage environment-friendliness.
  • Encourage movement, an active lifestyle, mind-body wellness, and tranquil surroundings; use nature to boost mental/psychological well.
  • Wellness estates are based on the idea that the environment influences interactions with personal, genetic, and behavioural factors; they shape the total health and happiness of the individual.
  Such discussions, therefore, bring us to the conclusion that the idea behind developing wellness-oriented housing isn't simply a fad; it's a necessity. Housing projects like Eutopia in Delhi-NCR are good examples of the growing wellness-oriented luxury real estate which at the same time represent a shift among the urban residents towards a holistic lifestyle that encourages wellness as they move on from apartments that mainly offer nothing more than just the materialistic or tangible aspects of luxury.  

T Homes – The Smart Homes That Are Creating Quite The Buzz!

It is high time that we change the very way that we live in our homes. A smart home can provide you with unprecedented convenience by allowing you to automate and control all the devices with the help of an application.

What if you are told that you are very close to step into the future that is unimaginable till now? What if you are told that a home can be your best friend? Well, if you do not agree, think again! The real estate developers today are investing in technologies and implementing them as well to transform our traditional homes. T and T homes are one such example. The T&T Group is developing the first smart homes of India in the National Capital Region, and it has already garnered interests from all quarters.

Technology is influencing every sphere of life, and humans are constantly upgrading their lives with the help of it. Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Internet of Things(IoT) are making waves across all sectors. The real estate is adapting the duo in a big way now. But how does it change our lives? Okay, imagine this!

Perks of Having A Digital Home!

It’s pretty early in the morning, and the alarm starts ringing. The window curtains open automatically, and the water heater is also turned on so that the water is warmed up just in time. You take a lazy yawn and, after having a brush, step into the kitchen. The smart home assistant suggests the breakfast that you can prepare and reminds you that you need to buy eggs today! While you are leaving for work, the television and the other electrical appliances, which are not needed, turn off automatically.

Fully functional digital homes in India are going to be a reality very soon, in 2021, when the T homes will come to life. Automation is not fancy tech anymore. It has the ability to regulate the consumption of electricity and save on energy bills if it is deployed intelligently. It also secures your home. The motion sensors can detect unusual activities at your home, and face-detection technology can differentiate between an unknown person with the regular residents. By crafting your own security protocols, you can be informed whenever a door or window is unlocked, and even the maintenance alerts whenever required.

Wrapping up:

The day-to-day repetitive tasks can be annoying, and who does not wish to reduce the efforts in performing these odd tasks? Smart technology in homes can automate all these manual tasks into an effortless routine. Once all the gadgets are connected with each other with the help of the Internet Of Things(IoT), a common platform can be utilized to manage them remotely. In addition to that, Artificial Intelligence(AI) can be employed to learn the living patterns of the residents, and the data can be used to automate the functionalities in each room truly! The T Homes promise to provide the best smart homes in Siddharth Vihar, NCR.