The Fortunate Advent of Wellness Housing in Delhi NCR As the Public Health Situation in the Region Worsens

Luxury Apartments in major Delhi NCR cities like Ghaziabad that offer less congested and natural living are becoming increasingly popular as the new-age generation prefers living spaces that add value to their way of life.   Following the coronavirus pandemic, people have started to recognize the importance of wellness or therapeutic housing and are willing to live in houses that not only ensure a convenient lifestyle but adapt to their growing mental and physical health needs.   Our everyday activities and lifestyles are directly influenced by our homes, towns, and surrounding environment, which combined account for 80–90% of our health outcomes, which is why most people think that it's time to start treating our homes as more than just luxury apartments and condos and see them as a place to invest in our overall wellbeing.   The ability of wellness housing to promote a lifestyle that not only enhances one’s physical health but also their mental and emotional health may be one of its greatest assets. In projects like Eutopia (T&T Group), which is India’s first ever Urban Therapeutic Housing project, the developer will bring in recuperative body therapies to restore health, hundreds of medicinal plants to enhance immunity, and pollution control units for low AQI, to protect the residents against contaminants, free radicals, and other common health issues. Such initiatives, then, lead us to the following essential principles of wellness housing:  

  • From "no harm" to "health optimisation": One must construct homes that actively assist in bringing health amenities and wellbeing, rather than simply reacting to "sick buildings."
  • From "I" to "We": Raise awareness that our health and wellbeing are inextricably tied to our larger environment and the people we interact with.
  • Begin with the hard infrastructure: It's time to grow and consider how you can reduce your carbon imprint on the earth. Incorporating biophilic components into home designs is also important considering the depleting conditions of people's overall health.
  Benefits of wellness-oriented housing   Wellness housing that is holistically and purposefully developed and operated can have a variety of good effects:  
  • Reduce harmful material exposure, improve sleep, decrease stress, and encourage environment-friendliness.
  • Encourage movement, an active lifestyle, mind-body wellness, and tranquil surroundings; use nature to boost mental/psychological well.
  • Wellness estates are based on the idea that the environment influences interactions with personal, genetic, and behavioural factors; they shape the total health and happiness of the individual.
  Such discussions, therefore, bring us to the conclusion that the idea behind developing wellness-oriented housing isn't simply a fad; it's a necessity. Housing projects like Eutopia in Delhi-NCR are good examples of the growing wellness-oriented luxury real estate which at the same time represent a shift among the urban residents towards a holistic lifestyle that encourages wellness as they move on from apartments that mainly offer nothing more than just the materialistic or tangible aspects of luxury.