Towards a smart home future: Inside India’s first digital housing in Ghaziabad

With the trend of more and more people adopting the “Internet Of Things” in the day-to-day life, technological innovation is soon going to change the face of the real estate sector as we know it. With the increasing middle-class population of India, there will be an accelerating positive growth in the smart home market.

How does the future of living look like?

If you have already started thinking, high-tech appliances like robot maids, holographic communications and other things might come to your mind. These things might actually come into the picture in the next few decades. But, if we go by current trends, the futuristic living and real estate will solely focus on one thing- time. As we juggle between our personal and work life, our priorities have shifted from material goods to experiences. Time has become the new luxury!

Our future living spaces must evolve according to that. They should enable us to save our precious time, and not just store stuff. While smart home devices capture much of the public attention, the T&T group believes that the true future of living lies in the smart apartments where you will dwell. A smart home integrates the lighting control systems, home appliances, security systems, and ambience control(that includes air conditioning and music) into a single entity that functions according to the owner’s wishes and preferences.

If you are looking for an affordable digital housing in India, the first such project is coming up in the Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad. Towering over the India’s first fourteen lane superhighway NH 24, T homes will change the experience of living forever. Located close to NCR, the T&T digital housing complex is close to almost all the important landmarks. These include:

1. Connaught Place (25 minutes),
2. Metro Station Sector-62, Noida,
3. Ghaziabad Railway Station,
4. Anand Vihar ISBT,
5. Fortis Hospital, and
6. Ghaziabad New Bus Station, etc.

Apart from the prime location of the project, the smart homes offer numerous benefits to the buyers. They are as follows:

1. Climate and ambience control,
2. Light control mechanism to set the perfect ambience,
3. A secure locking system connected to the T-homes app,
4. A user-friendly bathroom with a smart pot,
5. A smart kitchen,
6. Automated curtains, doors and other utilities for maximum comfort.

Every story needs a beginning and the maiden digital housing project by the T&T group is the beginning of a revolution in the real estate sector that will soon engulf the entirety of India.

Smart Apartments: Is it all Hype with no real deal?

In today’s world, almost every other thing that is new in the market are over-hyped to boost sales. While digital homes are creating quite the buzz in the real estate business, are they really worth it? Well, it seems so! There is a strong case for the smart apartments offering huge benefits for property developers, residents, and their surrounding communities:

Enhanced Living Experience

Smart apartments save valuable time and hassle in many ways, like doors that lock automatically at night and smart thermostats that adjust the temperature based on the weather.

More Efficient Buildings

Smart apartments technology make buildings more efficient on two different fronts:

1. Energy management and
2. people management.

According to reports, “Intelligent Efficiency Technology” could save billions of rupees. Smart appliances are energy efficient as compared to analog appliances. Smart locks allow for faster maintenance while being more transparent, and robust. Smart apartments also provide a better management of the daily utilities of a smart home by analysing the daily routines and optimizing them accordingly.

Smart apartments are not just the future, they are already here!
Residents are increasingly preferring smart home amenities over traditional appeals like spas and pools. Smart appliances are saving millions of dollars for the property owners around the world. The humanity faces serious challenges ahead when it comes to climate change. Smart apartments can not only provide comfort and make life easy but also are capable of lending a hand to the fight against climate change. They represent a fundamental shift in the way we live.

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