Luxury Housing Meets Intelligence: The New Way to Live

Intelligent and luxury apartments are the new market favourites. The fame of traditional apartments is being replaced by that of luxury apartments. However, as these become more popular, new and advanced features and amenities are being integrated into properties. In this article, we’ll discuss the top technologies and features being integrated into apartments.

Top Features

1. Thematic parks and gardens
Parks and gardens have been included on apartment premises for centuries. However, the recent trend includes creating thematic gardens and parks. Themes can vary from one park to another. Some are created as anti-pollution zones, some are created as aromatherapy, immune-boosting, botanical or even herbal gardens. Developers like T&T Group are bringing such concepts to developing locations like Siddharth Vihar, making them accessible to more and more people around Delhi NCR and Ghaziabad.

2. Smart home features
Who doesn’t want Siri in their pocket? However, luxury apartments take these features to the next level. Smart home features like climate control, ambience control, window control and smart temperature controls have become increasingly popular with projects like T-Homes and Eutopia by T&T Group in locations like Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad. These often come with the property and don’t require any work from the buyer.

3. Security features
Security features are a must in all apartments. Luxury apartments provide their owners access to unique, top-of-the-line security systems that come integrated with the apartment. They include the simple door and window lock but can go as far as including motion detectors, CCTVs and lasers. Many builders also provide customizing options for their clientele.

4. Spas and meditation
As the importance of mental health increases and more people acknowledge the need for a short ‘break’, builders like T&T are coming up with spas, meditation rooms and therapy rooms on the property with projects like Eutopia. These are often provided in a clubhouse or on a separate level. They are accessible to all residents and are equipped with staff and all other amenities.

5. Pet-friendly areas
Pet-friendly areas, parks and rooftop areas are being introduced to various apartment buildings. These provide a two-fold advantage to the residents. Firstly, they can socialize with other residents organically and without requiring any effort on their part. Secondly, they don’t have to travel or leave premises to walk their pets or give them fresh air.

6. WIFI-included apartments
Wifi is the basic requirement of any property - regardless of whether it is residential or commercial. This has allowed builders to tap into a unique market. Luxury apartments now come with Wi-Fi that is included in the package. While you’re expected to pay for the monthly bills, the wiring and setup are already done for you. These are cleverly hidden so they don’t disrupt the decor of the property.

These are the top six amenities that are currently defined under ‘intelligent way of living'. Luxury apartment owners may pick and choose which amenity they want to provide their clientele. However, this list gives you a general idea of what to expect when you look at luxury apartments like those created by T&T.

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