The onset of digital housing in India for the smart generation!

Don’t we all get fascinated when we watch automated homes in sci-fi movies? It’s almost 2020, and such fascinations are coming out of movies to real life! Digital housing is scaling new heights and it is going to change the way we look at our homes forever!

Imagine a home that can feel your presence and act like a friend. Imagine lights getting turned on automatically when you enter a room and the atmosphere in your room adapting to your choices. Sounds great, right?

The young and aspiring generation of India are juggling between job and family. While they spend most 0f their time at work and traveling, a digital home can make the hours at home worthwhile and comfortable.

T homes aim to revolutionize the housing sector by literally redefining the definition of home. With smart networking and interconnected appliances, the customers can operate anything and everything at their home. The curtains can be automated to open during sunrise, and a door can be automated to close when a person departs. The television and lights can respond to your presence and act accordingly. The possibilities that you can have with a smart home is infinite!

The best part of all these automation is that the electricity bill will be reduced significantly as well. Automation eradicates the factor of exorbitant utilization of electricity. With proper planning and systematic analysis, it is possible to identify the potential avenues for conserving energy at your home. Since all the electrical appliances will be utilized only when they are required, it will save a lot of electricity and thus bring down the bill.

When it comes to digital housing in India, a majority of people have the wrong impression that such a fascinating technology for their home is a very costly proposition. But, T&T group projects are providing digital housing at very economical prices and they are already involved in making digital homes in Ghaziabad and other places. They have an ambitious vision of expanding the horizon of smart homes to every household in the country at affordable rates.

Digital houses are not only more efficient, secured, and eco-friendly but also they reduce expenditure in the long run. They also aid the customers to learn about their appliances. The combination of the Internet of Things and Energy conservation is a vital feature of automated homes and it enhances the convenience of customers.

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